South Shore Sump Pump Installation

Sump pumps protect against the occasional basement flood while also keeping your basement and foundation dry. In Boston’s South Shore, we recommend sump pump installation for every home and building. Heavy rains and sudden thaws are no match for a sump pump installed by Efficiency Plumbing & Remodeling.

We can replace a sump pump that has stopped working or lacks the high-tech features that make new ones so much better. As a full-service Quincy remodeling team, we can also tackle first-time sump pump installation in a new location.

Contact us online to schedule service or request an in-home estimate for sump pump installation in Quincy, Weymouth, Braintree, or elsewhere in the South Shore!

Getting Started with Sump Pump Installation

Our Quincy plumbers help you with every step of planning for a new sump pump. Down to pinpointing the location and digging the pit, we know how to ensure your sump pump will work the way it should, when it should.

Sump pumps vary in size, type, and features. Submersible sump pumps work much better than the old pedestal kind, but they do require a larger pit. High-tech features include smart monitoring apps and alarms that tell if you the pump fails. Efficiency Plumbing & Remodeling will be happy to help you choose the best kind for your sump pump installation in Quincy.

Replace or Install a Sump Pump in Quincy, MA

Whether you’re adding a sump pump to your South Shore home or considering an upgrade, it’s important to work with licensed plumbers. For a replacement, we need to check the pit, gravel, pipes, and electrical connections. For a new sump pump installation in Quincy, it’s extremely important to be careful where you dig and where you discharge.

Ask us about installing a sump pump if:

  • You have standing water in the basement
  • The basement often feels damp
  • You want to finish the basement
  • Other homes in your neighborhood have flooded
  • Your old sump pump fails or gets overwhelmed by heavy rain
  • You want a larger sump pump or a backup sump pump

Sump Pump Installation by Licensed South Shore Plumbers

Many sump pumps only last about 10 years. Proper installation and regular maintenance can help them last longer. At Efficiency Plumbing & Remodeling, we care about long-term solutions and high-quality workmanship. We can make your next sump pump be the last one you need to install for a long, long time!

We have the knowledge and experience to handle the entire process of sump pump installation for Quincy homes, businesses, apartment buildings, and industrial buildings. As a family-owned business, Efficiency Plumbing & Remodeling is also the team of Quincy plumbers you can trust for friendly service and competitive prices.

Get an Estimate for Sump Pump Installation in Quincy

Protect your property with a sump pump installed by Efficiency Plumbing & Remodeling. We pay attention to detail at every step, so your new sump pump will work reliably and offer a low-maintenance way to keep your basement dry.

For more information about sump pump installation in the Quincy area, please contact Efficiency Plumbing & Remodeling online.